Million Youth March Of Charlotte

Taking A Stand Joining Hands Uniting As One

The End of a Life The Start of Movement

“You cannot control all the events that happen to you, but can decide not to be reduced by them” ~ Maya Angelou

In 2013 there were 58 violent deaths in the City of Charlotte and 80% of them have been solved.

A significant number of those killed were between the ages of 13-25 and among those that fell victim to the senseless violence were 21 year-old Davion Funderburk and 23 year-old Inna Gonzalez who were killed in a drive by shooting in broad daylight.

As a result of the double murder, Charlotte natives Mario Black and Shawnta Clark begin to talk about how violent crimes were becoming too frequent in the city. Also hitting close to home was the fact that Funderburk and Black were related. After several discussions the Million Youth March of Charlotte (mYOUTHmoc) was formed.

The goal of the Million Youth March of Charlotte is to ignite our youth to want better for their lives and to be a driving force behind continued decreases in violence, drug use and distribution and increases in graduation rates.

The organization celebrated it’s 3-yr anniversary July 11. 2016 with a balloon release at Camp Green Park in honor of Davion Funderburk and Inna Gonzalez.

Since August 2013, The Million Youth March of Charlotte has been looking to establish its presence in the Charlotte community. Each month, the organization has hosted meetings and events that have been open to the public with the hopes to garner support of the community leaders, churches and youth organizations.

The group has hosted teen panel discussions addressing topics, such as: Self Esteem and Peer Pressure, How the Media Portrays Me, Sneaker Craze, Social Media & Personal Branding and Impacts of Absentee Parents in Decision Making.

The panel discussions have been facilitated by media guests: No Limit Larry and DJ Yasmin Young (WPEG), Audrina Bigos (WCCB), Ken Lemon and Tenikka Smith (WSOC) and BJ Murphy (WGIV & WQMG).

In December, mYOUTHmoc partnered with local barbers and stylists for The Day of Giving Back to provide free haircuts and styles for CMS Students at McClintock Middle School. The event also served as a holiday Toy Drive. In February, in conjunction with the Youth Ministry of Friendship Missionary Baptist Church, the organization will held  brainstorming session for the Peace Rally and a canned food drive for the church’s outreach ministry.

In November 2016 the Million Youth March Of Charlotte formed its Teen Advisory Board which consist of teens 13-18 planning events for the 2017 year.