Million Youth March Of Charlotte

Taking A Stand Joining Hands Uniting As One

"Taking A Stand, Joining Hands, Uniting as One" -MYOUTHMOC

Our Mission

The Million Youth March Of Charlotte was formed as a platform to encourage unity in the city of Charlotte and promote non-violence among our youth ages 13-25. The organization is all inclusive of ethnic and religious backgrounds that can agree to the common goal of Taking A Stand-Joining Hands-Uniting As One to end the senseless violence that continues to plaque our neighborhoods.

Our Vision

To create more positive awareness for Charlotte youth of all ethic and religious backgrounds

To create community centered programs that promote unity and non-violent living

To create a platform for financially challenged areas to highlight youth success stories and educate them on becoming productive citizens

To bridge the gap between opposing youth and adults who oppose them

Our Motto

Taking A Stand, Joining Hands, Uniting As One